Yelawolf borrows a Pink Floyd song for rapping purposes.

Good stuff.

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I really thought this was going to be terrible, but Yelawolf found a way to flow perfectly in a Primus track. Color me impressed. Enjoy.

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Yelawolf’s “Box Chevy V” gets visuals.

Every time I hear a new Yelawolf song I think I’m going to hate it, and I rarely do.

I’m a sucker for the crane shots in the field though…

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Yelawolf’s "F.A.S.T. Ride" gets visuals.

Trunk Muzik Returns project, out March 14th.

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New Yelawolf

Trunk Muzik Returns, out March 14th.

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Yelawolf x Travis Barker’s "6 Feet Underground" ft. Tim Armstrong gets visuals.

Yelawolf’s EP’s were all great. His album was ok. And now this. I can’t hang much longer.

Psycho White EP is out now.

[Side note: Tim Armstrong, and this bootleg Transplants song isn’t good. Sorry.]

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Listen: “Push Em” - Travis Barker & Yelawolf.

Here is the first single off Travis Barker and Yelawolf’s upcoming joint EP Psycho White.

Unsure about this.

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